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hand holding magnifying glass looking at digital files

Leveraging OSINT in risk assessment

Risk assessments are critical to business functions across the board. Learn what OSINT methodology and dozens of resources can bring to…

a cargo ship in the ocean

OSINT news roundup: Oil spill, missing children and taking down cybercriminals

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news around the world.

a woman, watching artificial intelligence create content

Using OSINT to identify AI-generated content

15 techniques plus tons of tools to spot AI-generated text, videos, images and audio in OSINT investigations.

Aerial view of a Myanmar prison

OSINT news roundup: Data flood, secret prisons, Russian internet goes dark

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news around the world.

a group of people looking at a large @ symbol representing email

Leveraging OSINT techniques for email investigations

From an OSINT perspective, searching for emails can provide a treasure trove of information about your target entity. In this guide, we…

a man sitting at a control station, with multiple computer monitors, participating in osint gathering

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering

OSINT gathering can be a daunting task, but if you have a framework, create a plan and harness the right techniques, you can find the…

a computer processor, with the Chinese flag printed on it

OSINT news roundup: Tough climate for OSINT in China, promoting good OPSEC

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news from around the world.

OSINT 2024 guide: tools and techniques

OSINT guide: tools and techniques for threat intelligence

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques are invaluable to threat intelligence investigations. Find the tips, tools and shortcuts to…

gloved hands washing money representing money laundering financial crime

Uncovering individual backgrounds in financial crime investigations with OSINT

Solving financial crime plagues investigators, but open-source intelligence methods could be the key to saving billions annually.

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The Dark Web

Online research seeks to leave no stone unturned. Yet many researchers are hesitant — or not allowed — to explore the dark web. Our series explores the basics of the dark web and how to safely leverage it for a range of investigations in a way that protects researchers and their organizations. 

Understanding the dark web and how it can aid your investigation

3 things to consider before you start your dark web investigation

Essential tools for improving surface and dark web research

Best practices for creating a dark web access policy

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