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The Silo Web Isolation Platform is a secure, cloud-native execution environment for all web-based activity. Silo is built on the principles that all web code and critical data should be isolated from the endpoint, and that browsing capabilities should be configurable and auditable — like any other enterprise workflow.

Silo by Authentic8

Silo is the scaled, secure cloud-based web isolation platform

100 %

isolation from all web code, regardless of device or network

1 billion

secure and anonymous page views since launch


data loss events or identity leaks in 10 years of operation

Silo for Research

Silo for Research is a fully isolated, anonymous and secure platform for conducting all forms of online investigation.

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Silo for Safe Access

Silo for Safe Access provides a familiar browsing interface to end users while maintaining isolation, policy control and audit logs.

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Seamless deployment

A cloud-based solution that deploys in seconds — whether it’s for a single user or thousands. Silo doesn’t require infrastructure investment; its ability to easily scale lets IT focus on solving business problems, not managing procurement. And Silo can be used as a standalone native app, integrated with a browser or incorporated into any workflow using APIs, allowing IT to define a specific experience for users.

Unlike more traditional security solutions that require synchronizing software across endpoints, integrating with network infrastructure and piping disaggregated logs into a unified system, Silo lets you deploy across your user population with a click of a button. Silo can scale up and down as your needs change, allowing you to deliver the right solutions for your users at the right time.

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Role-based provisioning

Patented user/group and policy framework ends the tyranny of one-size-fits-all. Silo lets you define access, authentication and use policies across computers, locations and web resources. Whether you want a throwaway browser for personal use or a locked-down environment for a sensitive workflow, Silo gives IT unprecedented control over how the web is used. 

Silo can be tuned to meet the fluid needs of your organization. Define policies centrally and rest assured that they follow the user across devices and locations.

Role-based provisioning screen gray Role-based provisioning screen

Integrates with IT services

From directory services to identity management platforms, secure web gateways and SIEM solutions, Silo plays nicely with your current IT technology stack. Conversely, Silo can also act as a completely standalone environment, giving you the power to choose how Silo will work best for your organization.

Silo can provide a standalone user experience and execute completely outside of your organization's infrastructure. Or it can be woven into current IT solutions and the local browser for seamless remote access to corporate resources. Silo matches your organizational structure as defined in your on-premises directory service. If you're using an identity management platform, third-party SAML or other cross-authentication solutions, they can be used to authenticate users when they access Silo, and they can be used for single-click access to provisioned web applications. 

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Global certification standards

Silo meets the needs of the most regulated organizations in the world, from federal agencies to Swiss banks to healthcare providers. All data is encrypted and protected to the highest standards. And Authentic8 undergoes regular third-party audits and assessments to remain compliant with FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and more global standards.

Platform security is an intrinsic value at Authentic8. Whether pursuing our own compliance with global security standards like NIST and ISO, meeting specific industry requirements or delivering a solution to help our customers meet their compliance requirements, Silo is built from the ground up with information security in mind. With SIlo, you control how much customer-identifying information is stored in the system. Silo encrypts log data with keys managed by the customer, and it provides APIs to extract and pipe data into third-party analysis tools.  We also provide APIs to extract your data should you decide to stop using the service. See our Certifications page for more detail.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo strengthens and simplifies our security architecture with secure web access, control of sensitive data, applications, and workflows.”

Software Engineer

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“Silo is, by far, our favorite tool to use and we thank Authentic8 for their excellent service and support.”

User in Government

Authentic8 Customer

“Silo is an innovative, nimble solution to help keep you safe.”

Digital Marketing Manager

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“Silo Web Isolation Platform allows investigators to search anonymously using all kinds of cool tricks and techniques.”

User in Global Security

Authentic8 Customer

“The Silo Platform has been recognized as closing a gap for our analysts both from an auditing standpoint and ensuring access regardless of location.”

User in Government

Authentic8 Customer

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Silo Web Isolation Platform

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