Tracking adversaries across the web requires sharp OSINT and airtight infrastructure

Agencies of all types need to maximize the intelligence gleaned from publicly available information across the surface, deep and dark web. And data needs to be collected in a manner that preserves the chain of custody and evidence integrity.

Whether monitoring assets, investigating illicit trafficking or building case files on specific targets, analysts across federal, local and private investigation agencies rely on Silo — the only FedRAMP-authorized research platform.

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Ensure OSINT investigation quality and integrity

Intelligence and Evidence Gathering Challenges:


Research shows that most organizations implement DIY solutions or cocktails of discrete technologies to get analysts online. Silo for Research is a cloud-delivered platform that puts your team on the web in seconds — without added infrastructure or any other upfront investments. Analysts access a virtual environment that gives them full-fidelity access to the web without the risk.


Investigating publicly available information online puts your team in contact with toxic content and malicious actors. Because Silo for Research executes in the cloud, your environment is never exposed, and your identity is never revealed. All rendered content, all executable code, all access requests to sites and all collections are performed by Silo, with your analysts interacting only with a benign remote display.


Research platforms typically require exceptions to IT policies or live outside of IT control. Silo for Research provides a single, central point of policy enforcement and oversight. Policies are defined in an admin console, and all analyst actions are logged and encrypted via customer-managed keys. APIs allow you to extract encrypted audit logs for internal analysis or to respond to information requests.

Silo for Research shortens your time-to-insight, improving investigator productivity in an increasingly hostile world

Manage your digital identity, even when using personal devices

Whether you're tracking events across different sites or engaging with external parties online, Silo for Research gives you the tools to spoof your location, platform attributes, language and more. Silo never reveals your identity or your intent, regardless of the type of investigation you do — even if analysts use their home computers.

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Blend in with the locals

Analysts need to hide in plain sight. And data collections aren’t always passive; sometimes researchers may need to access forums or interact with parties outside their organization. Silo for Research can execute in dozens of geographies around the world, showing a local IP that never refers back to your organization, and a user agent configured to fit the scenario. Multiple environments can be launched, with analysts having a single integrated windowing environment to move between investigations.

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Track subjects seamlessly across surface, deep and dark web

Silo for Research provides access to surface, deep and dark web content from a single, integrated environment. Researchers can seamlessly switch context, as required by their investigations.

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Meet evidentiary requirements for collection

Some OSINT investigations lead to more formal reviews, whether by internal teams, regulators or the courts. Presenting evidentiary logs and case materials starts with centralized processes and clear custodial records. Silo for Research provides a single framework for tracking collections and monitoring investigator workflows.

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Centralized audit and oversight

Research platforms typically live outside the reach of IT policies, which can lead to misuse or even abuse. With Silo for Research, all analyst and administrator activity is logged and encrypted with customer-managed keys. Review can be static and periodic, or they can be integrated with insider threat platforms via API.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo’s biggest benefit is security in research. It gives us the ability to work around security protocols and regional restrictions, while focusing on safety when browsing inherently dangerous websites.”

Security & Investigations Administrator

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“The old-school way was to buy a computer and put multiple VM profiles on it. Managing all these personas was complicated, and it was easy to make a mistake.”

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

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"Silo is a secure solution for analysts to conduct sensitive research, without constantly worrying about attribution and signature reduction. It helps my folks get work done faster and more simply.”

Security & Investigations Administrator

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“Silo gives us the ability to do our research from an anonymous IP address.”

Senior Security Engineer

Authentic8 Success Story REVIEW

“By investigating bad actors’ movements, and recording and studying them with Silo for Research, we can uncover a lot of information about their intentions.”

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

Authentic8 Success Story REVIEW

"Silo prevented the need for additional equipment such as standalone computer systems and isolated, non-attributable internet connections.”

Silo for Research User

Authentic8 Customer REVIEW

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