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Silo separates the things you care about from the things you cannot trust

Silo Web Isolation Platform

Silo executes all web code in a secure, isolated, cloud-hosted environment that is managed by policy, to provide protection and oversight.

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How the World's Most At-Risk Organizations Use Silo

Silo for Research: Secure and anonymous online investigations

Financial Fraud Investigations: Keep your online fraud investigations anonymous and secure, even on the dark web

Cyber Threat Intelligence:  Access and analyze suspicious or malicious content with 100% isolation from corporate infrastructure

OSINT Collection: Disguise your identity with a managed attribution platform and global egress network

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Silo for Safe Access: Put IT back in control of the web

Remote Workers: Define and enforce cloud app access and use policies, even on unmanaged devices without requiring VPN

Segregate Personal Browsing: Allow employees to conduct personal browsing (“morale browsing”) without risking your corporate infrastructure

Web Threat Isolation: Empower your team with unfettered risk-free web access by shifting risk off-network to the cloud


How Organizations Benefit

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