Silo, the secure virtual browser, eliminates all risk when using the web.

In the early days, the browser was a simple tool for viewing text on a web server.

Today, the browser is an open door for executable code to enter your network and undermine your business.

Display the web, don't execute web code in your environment

Silo is a browser that runs on our servers, not your devices.

Silo isolates all web code in a secure, remote container giving users a benign display of the web content. Nothing reaches the device but pixels.

Perfect Insulation


Users get a full fidelity web experience.
IT gets a browser they can trust and control.

But there's more...

Security means more than blocking malware. Half of all data breaches trace back to an insider mistake or mis-use. Learn More.

That is why we built Silo with robust enterprise policy controls that can allow or restrict key browser functionality based on business requirements or user roles.

And those policies remain intact no matter what device or what network is being used.

See how Silo can be used in different modes.

Who uses Silo and why?

Silo solves the hardest web challenges for some of the world's leading companies.

What capabilities does Silo deliver?

Silo has more features than you can shake a stick at. But at its core, Silo puts IT back in control of the web by integrating three fundamental capabilities:

Perfect Insulation

Keep devices safe from the web, keep data safe from exploits on the end points.

Devices connect via SSL and data is exchanged via our proprietary remote display protocol. All content executes in the container and zero web code reaches the device. Total security from hostile locations and untrusted devices.

Identity Management

Users cannot be phished if they don’t know their credentials.

Silo gives Admins the ability to configure and provision web-based accounts to users or groups. Admins can control individual credentials, manage shared credentials across teams, or allow users to control their own. Revoking access is even simpler. A kill switch for web data when personnel changes.

Data Policy Controls

Block data exchange with web sites. Or enable it for approved devices.

Security isn’t just about isolating malware, it’s also about preventing data loss or theft. Silo policies enable or restrict file uploads, downloads, printing, and copy-paste operations. And all user activity is logged with a customer-managed encryption key so your audit and remediation processes are intact.

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A secure cloud-browser for your most sensitive online accounts.


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for Teams

Includes admin features to secure and control access to web apps across a team.


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Disruptive solutions are hard to explain on websites. Silo has a long list of functional capabilities. But we think the best way to learn is to use Silo. Try it risk free.

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Silo currently works with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu computers and the iPad. We are working on support for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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