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Protect your customers' identities and investigations

Silo for Research is a purpose-built digital investigations platform to securely conduct, anonymize, manage and track research from a centralized solution. Using Silo, your customers will be able to isolate browsing from malware or web-based threats, cloak their identity and streamline the collection of evidence and intelligence.

Silo for Research spins up one-time-use browser instances that provide access to content across alternate regions, languages and network protocols. By partnering with Authentic8, you can help your customers safely pursue investigations across the surface, deep or dark web from an intuitive, cloud-based browsing interface.


Silo overview Silo overview

Why become a reseller partner?

Lifetime recurrent and protected revenues

We pride ourselves on offering partners high margins and provide opportunities for greater compensation and bonuses commensurate with performance.

One-click access to investigations platform

Quickly investigate and triage threats to customer environments with one-click, secure, anonymous access to the surface, deep and dark web.

Comprehensive sales and technical support

Our dedicated sales, marketing, customer success and technical support teams are committed to help you position, sell and deliver Authentic8's security solutions.