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Elegant and practical solutions that solve customers’ problems

At Authentic8, we believe that anyone, anywhere, on any device should experience the web without risk. We empower organizations to provide their users with open access to all online resources, without increasing their liability or giving up control.


Founded by the principals from Postini (acquired by Google in 2007), Authentic8 builds elegant solutions that embrace the advantage of a distributed workforce while providing the highest levels of IT security and governance. Our solutions are born from meaningful conversations with our customers — major enterprises and government agencies — about the problems they face in taking full advantage of the web while mitigating their risk.


Authentic8 has you covered

600 +

customers, including all levels of government and commercial enterprises from every industry across North America, Europe and Asia


security framework certifications, anchored by FedRAMP, NIST and ISO regulations

350 k+

secure sessions delivered each month without exploit, breach, data leak or identity exposure


web isolation U.S. patents: federated identity, user/group policies, attribution management, API integration and more

A complete solution, not another widget

The browser has become the primary app for key enterprise workflows; it's also obliterated the security perimeter. While IT still has the responsibility to secure enterprise assets, they don’t have the tools to enforce, regulate and monitor users’ activity online. With Authentic8, they do. Our patented platform does more than simple isolation: we allow customers to shift their critical workflows to a secure cloud environment that they control. It’s not about a few features or a set of widgets. Authentic8 gives companies a way to make full use of the web without fear, and enforce policy controls that comply with even the strictest industry requirements.

Proactively manage web risks

Silo eliminates web risks at the source. By isolating web access in a remote, high-trust environment, customers ensure web-borne threats never touch the endpoint.

User-centric policies even on unknown computers

Silo governs all web activity through admin-defined policies across managed and unmanaged devices, and by collecting audit logs that may be encrypted with customer-supplied keys.

Seamlessly deployed across a global, cloud-based infrastructure

Easily deployed, Silo is accessible from any computer, any network, any location without installation. Cloud delivery eliminates upfront investment, integration or ongoing management.


Meet our team

Our leadership shares broad and deep experience


Authentic8’s leadership team brings decades of experience across a variety of disciplines including cybersecurity, scaled cloud-based platforms, IT infrastructure and more. The team spans public and private sectors as well as startups and enterprises.

Established in 2010 by Scott Petry and Ramesh Rajagopal, Authentic8 has continued to rethink and improve the approach to web access for hundreds of commercial enterprises and government agencies around the world.


Authentic8 careers

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