Manage access to high-value apps from any network or device while safeguarding data

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100% isolation

Transparently wire isolation into workflows to protect data from untrusted — potentially compromised — devices and networks.

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Centralized control

Constrain app access and data transfer permissions (copy/paste, up/download, print) based on the context of user, device, location or posture.

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Third-party visibility

Extend visibility into who, when and how your data is being accessed — even for third parties you don't control — with a simple, client-less solution.


Rethink app access for unmanaged devices

Zero-Trust Application Access matches security and control to the shifting tides of business activity across devices, networks and applications. 


unmanaged device access

Maintain control while enabling any user, anywhere instantly

Control all “last mile” access and risk

Umanaged devices used to present “last mile” vulnerabilities and uncontrolled access to business data handling. Traditional security controls didn’t apply or were dependent on users downloading software. Not anymore:

  • Restrict app access to an isolated, cloud-based browsing environment that’s restricted to trust only what’s necessary
  • Shield your sensitive data from unknown devices, networks and the web at large
"last mile" control "last mile" control

Granular policy enforcement, total auditability

Restrict application access for third-parties like contractors and suppliers, and remote or BYOD workers to control data transfer with precision. Empower IT to enforce access rules — to whomever has access to their data and:

  • Constrain app access, manage authentication and apply data leak prevention policies
  • Gain 360-degree visibility to audit how data is accessed, even if the user, device or network is unmanaged
granular policy granular policy

Respond and scale quickly with SaaS solution

Zero-trust shouldn’t mean shipping laptops across the globe, cumbersome setups and towering IT stacks. Silo delivers zero-trust access with speed, simplicity and cloud-native scalability. 

  • Ensure appropriate access to apps from any device, without the need for pre-configuration or installation of thick agents, VDI services or alternative browsers 
  • Choose a UX: a dedicated enterprise browser to house all your sensitive apps; or transparent isolation of specific apps within an existing browser using Silo’s isolation API
SaaS solution SaaS solution

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