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Read why our customers love Silo:

"With the arrival of remote work, we have been able to solve any confidentiality problem since we can have [Silo] on any device."

Information Technology Manager


"If you are looking for a top of the field OSINT managed attribution tool and capability, A8 Silo is the best in the business."

Director of Operations

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“Knowing I won't be compromised and can even touch malware in Silo without fear is pretty satisfying.”


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“Bad guys can’t figure out who I am by my IP address. Managed attribution helps take down threats proactively.”

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

Authentic8 Success Story

"Sales and implementation has been wonderful, and we've experienced no technical issues. I highly recommend Silo to others."

IT Director

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“Silo can be used from anywhere and from any device, guaranteeing the same security and confidence.”

IT Analyst

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Silo is the scaled, secure, cloud-based web isolation platform

100 %

isolation from all web code, regardless of device or network

1 billion

secure and anonymous page views since launch


data loss events or identity leaks in 10 years of operation

Access the web without worry

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Silo for Research

Safely pursue investigations wherever they lead with in-region internet access, digital fingerprint control, 100% isolation and productivity tools.

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Zero-Trust Application Access

Manage app access even from untrusted devices and networks without downloading software or disrupting user workflows.

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Risky Web Link Isolation

Direct untrusted or unknown links into a 100% isolated, cloud-based environment with DLP controls, and embed into existing security gateways via the Silo API.

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Secure Browsing

Eliminate the risk of employees' personal web browsing and other untrusted web access while centralizing visibility and controlling data transfer actions.