Volume and sophistication of financial crimes are increasing, putting companies at risk

The job of the analyst is getting harder with no slowdown in sight. Keeping up KYC, BSA, AML or other investigatory caseload is a growing productivity problem. And as adversaries move across web properties and networks, investigators are often unequipped to follow leads to all corners of the web.

That’s why leading financial institutions rely on Silo to support secure, anonymous and efficient investigations into financial fraud, money laundering and other activities that either jeopardize the business or are subject to regulations.

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Use the cloud to shift your risk and boost productivity

Financial Crime and Compliance Challenges:


Research shows that most organizations implement DIY solutions or cocktails of discrete technologies to get analysts online. Silo for Research is a cloud-delivered platform that puts your team on the web in seconds — without added infrastructure or other upfront investments. Researchers use a virtual environment that can spoof location and platform attributes; connects to the surface, deep and dark web; and allows content capture and annotation from any computer.  


Investigating financial crimes puts your team in contact with toxic content and malicious actors. Because Silo for Research executes in the cloud, your environment is never exposed and your identity is never revealed. All rendered content, all executable code, all access requests to sites and all collections are performed remotely, with your analysts interacting only with a benign remote display of the session.


Research platforms typically require exceptions to IT policies or live outside of IT control. Silo for Research provides a single, central point of policy enforcement and oversight. All provisioning and user entitlements are defined in the admin console, and all analyst actions are logged and encrypted via customer-managed keys. APIs allow you to extract encrypted audit logs for internal analysis or to respond to information requests.

Silo for Research shortens your time-to-insight, improving analyst productivity

Seamlessly deploy, delete when you're done

As a cloud-based app, Silo for Research builds isolation environments on demand. Whether for one user or thousands, each session is created fresh and populated with user-specific policies and configurations. Upon session closing, the virtual container is destroyed, only saving log data or collected materials. On the next launch, users get a completely fresh environment.

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100% isolation from everything

Because Silo executes remotely, no web-native code ever reaches the endpoint, and no endpoint code can affect web data. Silo keeps all scripts, cookies, trackers, executables, binary content and everything in between in the secure, remote container. Thanks to our proprietary access protocol, users get full fidelity access to the web without ever actually touching it.

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Blend in with the locals, stay anonymous

Analysts need to hide in plain sight. Silo for Research can execute in dozens of geographies around the world, showing a local IP that never refers back to your organization. And it can be configured to fit the local requirements, including OS, browser, time zone, language, keyboard settings and more. And you can spin multiple parallel Silo for Research instances, each reflecting a different configuration.

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Support evidentiary requirements

Collected data needs to be logged, attributed to an analyst and checked for validity. Chain of custody protections are critical to proper collection. When using Silo for Research collection tools — whether manual or automated — all aspects of the process are logged and available for post-facto review.

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Comply with FINRA and other supervisory requirements

Some investigations lead to more formal review, whether by internal teams, regulators or or the courts. Presenting evidentiary logs and case materials starts with centralized processes and clear custodial records. Silo for Research provides a single framework for tracking collections and monitoring workflows, with all activity logged and encrypted with customer-managed keys.

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Government agencies and commercial enterprises around the world rely on Silo

“We needed a secure solution for analysts to conduct sensitive research without worrying about attribution. Silo helps us get work the job done faster and more efficiently.”

Security & Investigations Administrator

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“With Silo for Research, we don’t have to worry about bad buys tracing our credentials back to the bank.” 

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

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“A secure solution for analysts to conduct sensitive research without worrying about attribution and signature reduction.” 


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“Managed attribution, combined with remote browser isolation, helps us visit all kinds of sites and take down threats proactively. Silo for Research helps us protect both our customers and the bank.” 

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

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“Cheaper and easier than building a dedicated non-attrib, which makes it a great choice for smaller teams.” 

User in Banking

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