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Thursday, June 8
an onion

Peeling back the onion: How and why to access Tor for OSINT

Image: a laptop displaying the Mastodon home page
Introduction to Mastodon for OSINT practitioners
person standing in front of projection of binary code
10 OSINT tools for CTI
worker hiding his eyes at his desk
Blur graphic images, block sensitive content in OSINT research
worker peacefully meditating at desk
Managed attribution for better ROI and researcher sanity

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Becoming less unique online: taking control of your digital fingerprint

Your browser knows a lot about you. If you want to stay truly anonymous online, you need to avoid being a unique snowflake and learn to…

Red silhouette shows bombers and cloud moving over Ukrainian territory

Ukraine: 1 year after an unexpected invasion, OSINT continues to shed light on the past, present and future of the conflict

One year ago today, Russian tanks moved into Ukraine. What is happening with the conflict now and how is OSINT shaping the fighting?

man writing notes on glass window

Practical OSINT tips for better planning and tradecraft

Brian Fuller, OSINT professor and expert, shares his hands-on tips for conducting mission-focused, secure and anonymous OSINT research.  

three military personnel gathered around laptop

OSINT news roundup: military OSINT, hybrid intel and forging a new path

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man sitting on magnifying glass with laptop in his lap

OSINT need-to-knows: Intro to advanced search and Google dorking

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magnifying glass

7 search engines for better OSINT

Searching the internet is ground zero for open-source investigations. But knowing the differences in search engines, their pros and cons,…

hand with glove dipping beaker into water with algae

OSINT news roundup: OPSEC, environmental OSINT, and changes in the IC

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5 tips for OSINT on the dark web

Michael James of OSINT Curious Project shares his advice on conducting OSINT on the dark web, including how to stay secure, anonymous and…

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The Dark Web

Online research seeks to leave no stone unturned. Yet many researchers are hesitant — or not allowed — to explore the dark web. Our series explores the basics of the dark web and how to safely leverage it for a range of investigations in a way that protects researchers and their organizations. 

Understanding the dark web and how it can aid your investigation

3 things to consider before you start your dark web investigation

Essential tools for improving surface and dark web research

Best practices for creating a dark web access policy

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