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3 roadblocks for using OSINT in law enforcement

Open-source intelligence plays a large role in closing investigations, but it’s still underutilized in the field. Here’s why.  

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6 strategies for law enforcement agents who investigate online

The right strategies and resources for conducting OSINT on the surface, deep and dark web can make online investigations more efficient,…

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Social media’s value and danger to law enforcement investigations

Social media is increasingly useful to law enforcement investigations. But it, along with other OSINT sources, comes with inherent risks to…

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13 tools to improve online law enforcement investigations

Use data aggregators to pull together info from courthouses across the country, add extensions to better utilize video and images and…

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State and local law enforcement survey reveals need for specialized tools, strategies for internet investigations

51% of respondents conduct internet investigations on the same computer and browser as they use for everyday work, increasing the risk of…

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DHS highlights use of social media in latest terror alert

According to DHS, social media and online forums are increasingly leveraged by threat actors to advance false narratives and promote…

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Survey shows major need for training for financial crime analysts

Training for financial crime analysts ranks as their biggest challenge. That’s according to a recent survey conducted by Authentic8 and the…

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Community Q&A with financial crime analysts

We received a ton of great questions from our webinar on financial crime investigations and are putting up our Q&A with industry…

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Financial crime analysts vs. IT: Finding investigation solutions to make both parties happy

As financial crime investigations have moved increasingly online, a rift has grown between the financial crime analysts and the IT teams…

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