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Using OSINT to identify sanctioned entities

A patchwork of enforcement bodies, evasion by targeted entities and the volume of information can make understanding who is subject to…

Mitigating data breaches with OSINT techniques

OSINT is an indispensable tool to identify weaknesses within your organization to mitigate data breaches and uncover leaked data before bad…

Overcoming roadblocks for using OSINT in law enforcement investigations

OSINT plays a large role in closing criminal investigations, but it’s still underutilized in law enforcement. We look at key challenges and…

OSINT news roundup: zero trust, nuclear intel and winning the info war

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news from around the world.

What is OSINT? A definitive guide for law enforcement

What is OSINT, and what techniques from it do law enforcement investigators need to understand?

OSINT for brand protection: Tools and investigative strategies

Step-by-step instructions for using open-source data for protecting brand and intellectual property.

Revolutionizing border security: harnessing the power of AI and OSINT

In an increasingly interconnected world, the challenges associated with border security have grown more intricate. The need to facilitate…

19 tips on AI for OSINT research

If you’re looking for guidance and tools to improve your use of AI in open-source intelligence investigations, look no further! This is a…

OSINT news roundup: Prigozhin’s plane, human rights and private sector intel

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news from around the world.

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