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OSINT news roundup: Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, Russian radio codes and search tips

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news from around the world.

OSINT in the FY23 Defense and Intelligence Authorization Bills

We break down the intelligence authorization bills currently moving through the U.S. House and Senate. If passed, they could help bolster…

OSINT news roundup: China’s Fentanyl role, private military groups and “Shields Up”

This week’s OSINT news includes a review of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency’s (CISA) “Shields Up” campaign, focused on…

What we talk about when we talk about OSINT

What is OSINT? Defining a term for a living, evolving practice can be a challenge, subject to who you ask, what you’re referring to and a…

Beyond Twitter: 6 social media sites you should be using for OSINT research

Social media is rife with open-source information that can prove vital to OSINT, but are you using all the platforms at your disposal?

OSINT news roundup: China eyes on Ukraine, an end to nuclear secrecy, private security’s misinformation

While the world’s eyes are on Ukraine, one nation is paying special attention: China. The global super power with territorial axes to grind…

OSINT news roundup: attacks on crops, an “imminent” carrier launch and extremism on social media

Stay up to date with the latest OSINT news from around the world

Beyond the scroll: the OSINT revolution on and off social media

Social media is an incredibly powerful source for OSINT building, but researchers need to broaden their scope — and hone their tradecraft…

OSINT news roundup: an online hunt, Telegram propaganda and data risks

This week’s OSINT news roundup covers sleuths and journalists partnering up to find perpetrators of potential war crimes, Telegram…

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