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Quick guide: how to use Shodan

You may have heard about Shodan on the evening news — as the webcam search engine of choice for creeps and criminals. What doesn'…

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Cyber threat intelligence: Lack of training, tools, oversight

Cybersecurity Insider’s 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report cites a problematic lack of training, tools, and oversight that could come…

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What's next in cyber threat intelligence?

In episode 3 of our cyber threat intelligence video series, we discuss (in under 9 minutes) the future of investigation platforms, data…

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Cyber threat intelligence: How to use OSINT

Where do Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) rank on the priority list of IT security leaders? Which tools…

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How OSINT benefits cyber threat intelligence

How can cyberthreat hunters and analysts leverage OSINT? We asked Jake Williams, SANS instructor and President and Founder of Rendition…

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Research: More worries with Wasm

In many web browsers, the WebAssembly programming language is taking over execution tasks that were once exclusively the domain of…

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Hollywood hacks and hackers

Hollywood’s depiction of hacking, on the big screen and in TV dramas or on Netflix, isn’t always accurate, to put it mildly. A closer look…

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DOD's cybersecurity maturity model certification: Are smaller companies prepared?

New requirements mean contractors will have to pay to play. What does this mean for small businesses in the defense industry? The…

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What’s the ROI of threat hunting?

How can IT security threat hunters measure success? That's one of the core questions raised in the SANS Threat Hunting Survey, co-sponsored…

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