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The best defense is a good OSINT

Malicious actors affiliated with China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) are utilizing publicly available data to identify vulnerabilities…

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Combating malware in 2020: process, trends and tools

Adversaries are continuously honing their skills, planning for their next attack. How to stay one step ahead? The right framework prepares…

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How to use Pastebin for cyberthreat intelligence research

A short tutorial by Authentic8 researchers shows how you can use information found on Pastebin to locate individuals who are offering…

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vBulletin 5: zero-day from imperfect patch

Popular forum software platform vBulletin faced a brand new remote code execution zero-day vulnerability. The culprit: an imperfect patch…

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Handbook: Tools, tips and tricks for threat hunters

A new manual published by Authentic8 helps threat hunters fill critical gaps and hone their tradecraft.

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CMMC: Still on track?

A landmark effort by the Department of Defense to shore up cybersecurity across its 300,000+ contractor base has managed to stay mostly on…

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Quick guide: how to use Shodan

You may have heard about Shodan on the evening news — as the webcam search engine of choice for creeps and criminals. What doesn'…

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Cyber threat intelligence: Lack of training, tools, oversight

Cybersecurity Insider’s 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report cites a problematic lack of training, tools, and oversight that could come…

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What's next in cyber threat intelligence?

In episode 3 of our cyber threat intelligence video series, we discuss (in under 9 minutes) the future of investigation platforms, data…

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