Control your most sensitive workflows regardless of the environment

Cloud-based apps help boost productivity, but they also complicate IT’s task to secure resources and protect data. Typically, an organization would need to deploy various endpoint and network tools, routing employee sessions back to HQ, installing client software on personal assets and pulling data from cloud apps via API. Silo for Safe Access presents an alternative, giving IT leverage that is as centralized and efficient as the cloud apps themselves.

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Enable access from anywhere — securely and in compliance

High-Value App Access Challenges:


As more workflows move to the web, IT's job of securing data gets harder.  Applications and devices live outside of their control, but that doesn't mean they're not still responsible.  Rather than deploying network, gateway or endpoint solutions, Silo for Safe Access is a secure, high-trust environment that enables access without sacrificing security or compliance.


As a cloud-native platform, Silo meets the needs of your business at any point in time, from one user to all users, from simple policies to the complex. No upfront investment is required to adopt Silo, and its flexible capacity allows users to be easily added or deleted. All administrative actions — from adjusting data policies of revocation to access — are conducted centrally and in real time. 


Today’s environment has more diverse points of risk than organizations can effectively manage. Trends like mobility and cloud applications put organizations under even greater pressure. Silo for Safe Access makes the web environment the single point of control. Networks become utility services, devices become simple displays and all the intelligence and enforcement shifts to the central Silo Web Isolation Platform.

Silo for Safe Access turns the browser into a managed client for secure access

Gain leverage at the root of the issue

Rather than chasing endpoints or pulling data via APIs, use the browser as the central point of management and control. Silo for Safe Access embeds all access policies, device authorizations and data permissions into the user’s profile. No matter what device or network they come from, Silo for Safe Access gives centralized command and control over how users access your data and what they do with it.

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Create a secure workspace

Silo for Safe Access can be locked down to a single app or a collection of business apps that are specific to the user’s role. By creating a workspace that is segregated from the device and the rest of the web, you minimize external vulnerabilities. IT has one choke point to configure and one master view to ensure proper handling of corporate assets.

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Maintain compliance under all conditions

Silo for Safe Access lets you define specific data policies across managed and unmanaged computers. For instance, authorized or trusted devices may be allowed to download or copy/paste, while a personal device can be limited to read-only access or blocked from accessing the data altogether. 

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Enable or revoke access centrally and in real time

All management actions are performed in the cloud, and admins can seamlessly grant or revoke access to applications and data based on device policies. Changes happen in real time, even in live sessions. Regardless of the user, location or device, Silo’s central policy framework defines control, whether you’re granting access or taking it away.

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Monitor for compliance and abuse

Whether conducting comprehensive monitoring via log analysis, integrating with an orchestration platform or spot-checking for violations, Silo for Safe Access logs and encrypts all user and admin activity for post-factum analysis. This keeps your dynamic and mobile workforce in compliance with organizational policies.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo makes it intuitive when accessing remote applications over the web without any extra learning overhead, unlike a VPN.”

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“We were hacked a few years back, and felt that we needed an extra level of security to make our company safe. Great product!”


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“We use Silo in many different ways – it’s an excellent product and a great tool to work with.”

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