The new perimeter needs to follow the user

When users connect from remote locations, it means using personal devices and public networks. IT struggles to control this environment, relying on VPNs to backhaul business traffic or trying to manage endpoint software across devices they don’t own. Silo for Safe Access makes the user’s web environment the leverage point for IT. It combines all the elements of a Zero Trust or SASE solution into the browser profile, giving all users a native web experience while enabling IT to govern and audit access, authentication, URL permissions and data use.

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Maintain security and compliance over your data, regardless of user location

Remote Worker Enablement Challenges:


Recent developments have accelerated the requirement for organizations to provide secure remote access to the web for all users. Rather than deploying network, gateway or endpoint solutions, Silo for Safe Access is a secure, high-trust environment that enables access without sacrificing security or compliance.


As a cloud-native platform, Silo meets the needs of your business at any point in time, from one user to all users, from simple policies to the complex. No upfront investment is required to adopt Silo, and its flexible capacity allows users to be easily added or deleted. All administrative actions — like adjusting data policies, changing user entitlements or revoking access — are conducted centrally and in real time. 


Today’s environment has more diverse points of risk than organizations can effectively manage. Trends like mobility and cloud applications put organizations under even greater pressure. Silo for Safe Access makes the web environment the single point of control. Networks become utility services, devices become simple displays and all the intelligence and enforcement shifts to the central Silo Web Isolation Platform.

Go all-in with remote work — no compromise, no risk

Centralize change management

All Silo management actions are performed in the cloud. Admins can grant and revoke access to applications and data, set device-based policies, re-assign users to different roles and more. Silo’s centralized policy framework provides unparalleled control over all web-based scenarios.

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Adapt access policies to the device

Silo for Safe Access lets you define specific data policies across managed and unmanaged computers. For instance, authorized or trusted devices may be allowed to download or copy/paste, while a personal device can be limited to read-only access or blocked altogether.

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Adjust policies as the situation evolves

Users may change roles and require new entitlements, or access needs to be revoked as users transition off projects. With Silo, these changes take effect centrally and in real time. Even live sessions can be updated with new permissions or terminated if access is restricted.

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Enable or revoke access, centrally and in real time

All management actions are performed in the cloud. Admins seamlessly grant and revoke access to applications and data, and they can define device policies and changes that happen in real time across the environment. Regardless of the user, location or device, Silo’s central policy framework defines control whether you’re granting access or taking it away.

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Monitor for compliance and abuse

Whether conducting comprehensive monitoring via log analysis, integrating with an orchestration platform or spot-checking for violations, Silo for Safe Access logs and encrypts all user and admin activity for post-factum analysis. This keeps your dynamic and mobile workforce in compliance with your organization's policies.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“With the arrival of remote work, Silo solved any confidentiality problem.”  

Information Technology Manager


“We have long been using Silo as our platform of choice to conduct sensitive online missions; and given the growing need to work remotely, it was the obvious solution.”

Chief of OSINT and PAI

Authentic8 Success Story

“You can take it with you on whatever device you handle.” 

Information Technology Operations Manager


"Silo enables remote workers and contractors to access a company's web applications in a zero-trust environment.”

User in Computer Software


"Silo allows for flexible remote work policies because you can work securely anywhere."

User in Marketing


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