One Size Does Not Fit All

Your users need the right tool for the job. Silo gives you the flexibility to calibrate the browser for the users and their missions.

Over the past 25 years, browsers haven’t changed significantly... until now. The most security sensitive organizations use Silo to:

Secure access to the web

Provide access to webmail, social media, storage and other non-critical resources without exposing your organization and maintaining.

Control SaaS apps

Govern use of back office apps, collaboration tools, and other cloud resources where data needs to be protected. Anytime, anywhere.

Conduct web research

Never reveal your identity, location or intent when collecting casework or research material.

We don't name our customers and we won't name you, but some of the most sensitive web activity in the world is done inside a cloud browser.

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to put you back in control on the web.