Investigations increase risk

For any web user, malware is just a click away. But investigators relying on the web for data sources are at an increased risks. Digital clues to who they are and their line of work — law enforcement, trust and safety, cybersecurity intelligence — are leaked by browsers to the sites they visit, which could make them or their organization a target.

Authentic8’s solution for online investigations changes the game. It eliminates the cyber risks of engaging with websites, forums and marketplaces. And it empowers investigators to manage and protect their identity and intent, while providing them with purpose-built collection and analysis tools.


Silo for research screenshot Silo for research screenshot

Core capabilities of Silo for Research

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Managed attribution

Customize your digital fingerprint to blend in with the crowd on sites you’re investigating. Control the details websites see about your location, language, time zone, keyboard settings, browser, device type, OS and more.

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Web browser isolation

Use a cloud-based browser to isolate all web-borne threats from your device. Launch a fresh session each time to avoid persistent tracking that could give away your intent. And access surface, deep and dark websites from a single interface.

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Productivity suite

Have the collection and analysis tools you need at your fingertips with built-in screen capture, annotation, translation, URL and timestamping and more. Automate collection and multi-search workflows with add-on features from Silo for Research: Analyst Pack.

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Audit and oversight

Ensure your browsing activity meets compliance requirements from any device, any network with policies baked into the browser. All activity is logged and encrypted, and available for post-facto review.

The go-to solution for all online investigations

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Trust and safety

Protect analysts conducting trust and safety research while reducing time-to-insight to keep user communities safe

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Law enforcement

Protect and spoof analysts’ digital signature while conducting OSINT and accessing PAI

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Access and analyze malicious content without exposing computer or network resources