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Customer success stories

See why more than 600 government agencies and commercial enterprises across the industry spectrum choose Authentic8

Customer Spotlight

    Success Story
    Success Story

    Shields up: how a military unit simultaneously increased network access and decreased cyber risk

    Silo ensures that mission-focused research and analysis doesn’t unintentionally open military network to attacks

    Success Story
    Success Story

    Top-ten financial institution identifies threats and fraud

    A large financial institution relies on Silo for Research for their cyber-threat intelligence, financial fraud, and anti-money laundering investigations

    Success Story
    Success Story

    Compliance team investigates suspected abuse, part of ICANN compliance

    A fast-growing internet domain registrar uses Silo for Research to securely investigate suspicious activities and abuse to accordance with ICANN

    Success Story
    Success Story

    Large regional bank uses Silo for Research to investigate threats and strengthen security

    On-demand, anonymous environment creates secure investigation space for SOC

    Government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Authentic8

    “Bad guys can’t figure out who I am by my IP address. Managed attribution helps take down threats proactively.”

    Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst Major North American Regional Bank

    Authentic8 Case Study

    “Silo can be used from anywhere and from any device, guaranteeing the same security and confidence.”

    IT Analyst

    G2 quote REVIEW

    “Knowing I won't be compromised and can even touch malware in Silo without fear is pretty satisfying.”


    G2 quote REVIEW

    “Our analysts found Silo to be invaluable and one of the most-used tools in our arsenal.”

    User in Military

    Authentic8 Customer

    “Silo strengthens and simplifies our security architecture with secure web access, control of sensitive data, applications, and workflows.”

    Software Engineer

    G2 Logo REVIEW

    “Silo is the best secure web browsing experience available today!”

    Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance

    Gartner Peer Insights REVIEW

    “We use Silo to maintain a high level of security, helping keep our browsing safe and our data protected.”

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Gartner Peer Insights Logo REVIEW

    “Silo’s biggest benefit is security in research. It gives us the ability to work around security protocols and regional restrictions while focusing on safety when browsing inherently dangerous websites.”

    User in Security and Investigations

    G2 logo REVIEW

    “Silo allows our analysts to conduct in-depth research into current and emerging threats without putting our organization's network at risk.”

    Silo for Research User

    Authentic8 Customer

    “Managed attribution, combined with remote browser isolation, helps us visit all kinds of sites and takedown threats proactively.”

    Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

    Authentic8 Success Story