Compliant, Anonymous, Secure Online Investigations

Comply with 28 CFR Part 23 when adding social media, deep, and dark web data as evidence.

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Social media sites and deep/dark web resources have proven to be helpful tools for law enforcement in the prevention, identification, investigation, and prosecution of crimes. Agencies, regardless of size, are successfully collecting critical social media data, and information found in the deep/dark web as part of their investigative and intelligence production.

Unfortunately, many analysts are not concealing their digital identity and exposing the evidence, investigation, agency, and network to undue risk. Authentic8 builds cost-efficient open source intelligence products that are enabling analysts across 100+ government agencies to anonymously search for evidence in the open, deep, or dark web.

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Federal Law Enforcement Discount Program
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State/Local Law Enforcement Discount Program
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The Silo Research Toolbox is an online research application that enables anonymous, secure and policy-compliant investigations:

One-time use virtual browser environments to anonymize and secure the network throughout the research.

A spoofable platform, browser fingerprint, and masked language translation protects digital footprint and obfuscates intentions to preserve the integrity of investigations.

Multiple annotation and data capture features support evidence compliance to CFR28, chain of custody, and other data policy requirements.

The most user-friendly centralized policy admin console with encrypted, consolidated audit logging that keeps teams in control and at ease with online intelligence collection.

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