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Attorneys face a delicate balance

Law firms need to secure their assets and comply with client audit requirements while ensuring employees stay connected and engaged so they can do their job. IT teams need to manage risk to the firm without disrupting employee satisfaction or productivity. Firms must find a way to embrace the web without exposing the firm.

More than 98% of external attacks on enterprises occur over the public internet. — Gartner

With Silo, this local attack vector is eliminated when team members access the web.

Ensure web compliance

Comply with regional Data Privacy restrictions regarding employee use of the web with Silo global and group level policies. And all data is encrypted with customer-supplied keys.

Secure web access

Attorneys work in the office, home and onsite. Regular browsers put organizations at risk each time attorneys go online. Silo delivers "anywhere, anytime" web access, risk-free. 

Prevent data loss

Control the flow of firm data across SaaS apps.  Silo embeds device, access and data transfer policies in the browser, delivering web DLP controls regardless of device or network.

How do law firms use Silo?

The key for law firms to maintain balance between security and productivity is to rethink the browser. Instead of spending endlessly to manage around this inherently insecure and unmanageable tool, innovative firms use Silo to regain the security and control of their environment. IT teams can manage risk to the firm from the browser without disrupting employee satisfaction or productivity.

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