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Admins and users realize the value of Silo through its configurability.

Browsers were designed for open, available communication without any concern for security or enterprise-class management. As we entered the 21st century, the internet has become a web of interconnected services and devices. But it is still built on the vision of a “friendly environment” while the sophistication and volume of Internet-based exploits continues to grow.

Browsing the internet opens up every person online to cyber attacks, regardless of the personal or professional nature of the users’ activity. As attacks become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, and as the repercussions from security breaches become more severe, governments and enterprise businesses are being forced to focus on prediction and prevention, not just detection and recovery. The browser is the most frequently used online attack vector, with the vast majority of exploits coming from the browser.

The nature of the web has eroded IT’s control and ability to mitigate this risk in professional settings. Browsers let users mix work and personal content, accessing cloud applications from any device or location. There is no single network, gateway, or device that allows IT to manage the risk of web browsing. Yet IT is still held accountable.

How can IT regain control given the reality of the web? Through a cloud browser: a new model allowing users to interact with web-based content through a remote, virtual host, eliminating the exposure to exploit and allowing IT to manage the browser centrally.

Cloud browsers are used by the world's most security sensitive organizations. In the US alone, more than 100 government and law enforcement entities, as well as regulating authorities, use Authentic8-provided browser isolation to protect their missions, as do many large and medium-sized corporations in highly-regulated industries.

Silo, Authentic8’s cloud browser, embeds security, identity, and data policies into the browser. And by making the browser available from anywhere, policies follow users regardless of the environment.

Users get uncompromised access to an encrypted, interactive display of the web, based on your business rules. The browser runs on our machines, not yours. No client or network data is ever shared with the web. Each session is a fresh browser instance and is destroyed upon completion of that session.

IT gets to define the rules of how the web is used - control devices, access, account credentials, website white/blacklist, geo restrictions, level of personalization, and more.

It’s a fundamental reassessment of how the browser should work.

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