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Online markets move to block fake vaccination cards, but work remains

Fake vaccination cards have popped up on online marketplaces thanks to opportunistic fraudsters, bare-bones documentation, and populations…

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Trust and safety: rebranding of an old concept, or a new way to look at customer interaction?

What is a trust and safety team? What's their mission? How are trust and safety online investigators different from payment fraud and …

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OSINT data collection: you still need humans, but automation is well worth the investment

OSINT data collection automation ensures that teams are gathering the most relevant data as quickly and efficiently as possible, while…

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OSINT OPSEC: not just for government anymore

OSINT OPSEC is critical for any type of investigator to protect their mission, organization and themselves from cyber adversaries.  

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Solving the recurring collection and time tradecraft issues in online investigations

Collector Add-On: Silo for Research enhances researcher workflows to automate recurring collection of data at appropriate times to avoid…

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Social media account discovery with Genymotion

How can you identify social media accounts through the “suggested friends” function? A practical guide from Authentic8 for OSINT…

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OSINT tip: how to analyze Exif data

Intelligence analysts, law enforcement, legal investigators, and investigative journalists all analyze metadata stored with digital images…

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