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Remote work is just work: secure the new normal

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we examine the security and control issues that linger on as distributed workforces are here to…

Advanced Google search tools and techniques

Searching with Google means sifting through lots of information. For people who make online research their profession, it is important to…

A recent Google malvertising scheme highlights the need for secure research environment

Investigating a malvertising scheme that tricked one of the world’s largest search engines is a dangerous game. Here’s how to do so safely:

Web isolation is an enabler, not just a controller

So much of security is focused on control that it severely limits usability. But web isolation gives user enablement equal focus.

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Risk mitigation with web isolation

Users surfing the web on traditional browsers has been the thorn in the side of cybersecurity teams since the dawn of malware. Web…

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Silo by Authentic8 labeled as Leader on G2

G2 released its Summer 2021 reports, and — based on verified Authentic8 customer reviews — Silo is now considered a Leader in the Browser…

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Gaining efficiency in the overloaded SOC

Email-based and web-based attacks have unnecessarily overloaded SOCs with incidents to investigate and taken attention away from truly…

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NSA warning on location data exposure: Your web browser is a liability

The National Security Agency recently issued a public warning that exposed location data from mobile devices can pose a security risk for…

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CISA: Secure your web browser, it’s essential

The Department of Homeland Security’s latest guidance for businesses deems a secure web browser “essential” to protecting critical network…

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