G2 has released their Winter 2022 reports based on verified customer reviews, market presence and more, with Silo by Authentic8 emerging as an overall leader in threat intelligence software.

G2 is a peer-to-peer review website where businesses can discover and read reviews from verified customers about SaaS applications. G2 only accepts reviews from verified customers who take the time to leave verified reviews.

What they say highlights the value that Silo brings to their business or organization. These reviews show how and why organizations continue to deploy Silo for Safe Access and Silo for Research.

“Threat intelligence software provides organizations with information related to the newest forms of cyber threats like zero-day attacks, new forms of malware, and exploits. Companies utilize the tools to keep their security standards up to date and fit to combat new threats as they emerge. These tools can improve security performance by providing information on threats to their specific networks, infrastructure, and endpoint devices. These products provide information about hazards and how they function, their capabilities, and remediation techniques.”

— G2 Grid Report for Threat Intelligence, Winter 2022

According to G2, products in this category must:

  • Provide information on emerging threats and vulnerabilities
  • Detail remediation practices for common and emerging threats
  • Analyze global threats on different types of networks and devices
  • Cater threat information to specific IT solution

See the full threat intelligence grid report here >

Using Silo for Research for threat intelligence investigations

SOCs and incident response teams engage with all forms of toxic content and encounters every day. Whether validating potentially malicious links, investigating phishing campaigns, assessing takedowns for brand misuse or looking into signals from security intelligence solutions, analysts expose themselves and their organizations to major risks. 

Silo for Research isolates web browsing to neutralize toxic content and provides analysts with a purpose-built solution to manage their digital fingerprint and conduct investigations efficiently. With Silo for Research, SOC and cyberthreat analysts can:

  • Isolate browsing: Silo for Research executes 100 percent of web code — from the surface, deep or dark web — on a secure, remote host in the cloud, and collected assets can be stored in an encrypted off-site storage repository 
  • Cloak identity: spoof location, platform attributes, language and more to appear as an appropriate in-region visitor and avoid geoblocking
  • Improve productivity: an integrated tool suite enables out-of-band translation, automated multi-search, as well as packet analysis and source code/web linkage review through built-in dev tools 

G2 also rates Silo as the #1 browser isolation software >

Silo never reveals the analyst identity, affiliation or intent. Users can even change their configurations such as IP address, device type, native region and more so that whoever is being investigated doesn’t change their web patterns or information if they think they are being watched.

Read below to see how organizations are using Silo for Research to improve threat intelligence.

Silo used by American equipment manufacturer to analyze threats

A Fortune 100 machinery manufacturer doesn’t take any chances with malware and phishing threats. The company’s detection and mitigation team uses Silo for Research to identify and analyze potential threats, plus coordinate appropriate actions and communications to mitigate risk.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and workers started switching to remote work, investigators lost their dedicated connection making it outright dangerous to follow up on threats beyond initial analysis for fear of introducing malware to the company’s core network.

Silo for Research provides a platform for isolated browsing, accessible from anywhere, eliminating the need for a “dirty” network. The detection and mitigation team has incorporated the use of Silo for Research into their daily workflow, relying on its many features, such as screenshot capture and shared storage, to research threats and recommend preventative measures.

The solution allows investigators to interact with all types of web-based content safely on the cloud, protecting company’s assets and keeping researchers’ actions secure and anonymous. With Silo for Research, investigators can safely dig inside any site to look for hidden features, such as redirects to other locations.

When the automated ticketing system receives an alert of potential phishing exposure and flags it for further investigation, the detection and mitigation team opens the suspicious site within Silo for Research and uses developer tools to look into the HTML code that’s responsible for credential harvesting.

The goal is to find where the stolen information is going, so they can update the list of blocked sites to prevent them from launching phishing campaigns in the future and keep the company’s networks safe.

As a global company, the manufacturer needs to be able to research threats that originate in different parts of the world. Silo for Research offers a full array of translation features, as well as the ability for investigators to customize their location, time zone and keyboard settings. These features allowed the company’s detection and mitigation team to investigate threats that are designed to target certain geographies — like the Russian-origin malware specifically aimed at the users in the U.K.


Authentic8 is proud to serve as a leader in threat intelligence software and we are honored to see Silo being utilized by such highly regarded organizations to protect their customers.

For more customer reviews and to see what others are saying about Silo, check out our G2 profile here.

If you aren’t using Silo but interested in what your peers are saying in how it can help with your browser isolation and investigation efforts, request a demo here.

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