We could go on all day long about the high price enterprises are paying for using traditional “free” browsers in their day-to-day business. Being respectful of your time, we addressed the core points in a short webinar titled Your Browser Betrays You (What is the cost of running a “free” local web browser in your organization?)

We frequently hear from customers how Silo, the secure cloud browser provided as-a-service by Authentic8, helped them realize significant savings. Customer survey results show:


IT savings realized with the Silo cloud browser. Source: Authentic8

Before Silo, those resources - almost automatically, quietly - went to procure, maintain and update one or more components of a bloated security stack (think AV, CASB, URL Filter…). Its components were mostly aimed at preventing and mitigating the exploit and data loss risks associated with a locally installed browser base.

Because remote browser isolation with Silo removes these risks, enterprises can stop this point-solutions drain on their IT team and budget.

It occurred to us that we should capture and analyze this feedback to look for patterns here. Comparing Silo to traditional security stacks can take IT Security and Compliance leaders off the beaten path, so to make the comparison clear and meaningful, we compiled annual spending per user for hard costs and labor into a simple table:


What becomes apparent in this overview is that Silo provides real and measurable cost savings for IT. It’s not just another line item on a security budget.

Organizations deploying Silo to protect their digital assets when employees use the web save endpoint and network hard costs, PLUS the labor associated with maintenance, patching and responding to security incidents.

Based on our experience with mid-sized organizations (<5000 employees), the traditional security approach costs an organization on average $1,255/employee per year in security spend. (Gartner estimates $1,178/employee/year for Fortune 2000 firms.)

By contrast, the Silo deployment brings this cost down to ~$331/employee/year, which translates to cost savings of 74%. We have justified each item in the table with documentation in the appendix to our whitepaper “Economics of Silo (ROI vs. Traditional Stack)”.

Contact us here, get the whitepaper, and find out how deploying Silo will help your organization eliminate ineffective security spend. From there, you will be fully equipped to articulate the cost/benefit/savings of Silo to your boss or Executive Committee.

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