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How adversaries use researcher’s digital fingerprint against them

Hidden dangers are lurking in your digital fingerprint. Here's how to manage it.

5 Steps for secure malware analysis

Malware analysis is a tricky process. Incorrect handling leads to accidental self-exposure, which can be devastating depending on where the…

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vBulletin 5: zero-day from imperfect patch

Popular forum software platform vBulletin faced a brand new remote code execution zero-day vulnerability. The culprit: an imperfect patch…

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Hollywood hacks and hackers

Hollywood’s depiction of hacking, on the big screen and in TV dramas or on Netflix, isn’t always accurate, to put it mildly. A closer look…

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How to detect browser extensions

Working on new methods and tools to identify browser exploits, I recently came across a common question again in a forum: "Is it…

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ActiveX Data Leaks: Making Bad (Non-)Browsers Worse

Outdated browser plugins like ActiveX are a perfect target for compromise, yet they still lack regular updates Outdated browsers and…

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How Watering Hole Attacks Target the Financial Sector and Governments

Websites of governments, regulatory bodies and financial authorities are preferred targets for "watering hole" attacks on finance,…

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VPN and privacy: what nobody told you

Did you know that ISPs can use VPN to spy on you? Third parties taking advantage of your VPN’s many flaws for nefarious purposes. We…

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Quick dissections: Collections 2-5

The Collection #1 loot archive of stolen credentials is only the tip of the archive. All 5 collections contain more than 1TB of raw…

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