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Remote work is just work: secure the new normal

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we examine the security and control issues that linger on as distributed workforces are here to…

Why you should be on the dark web

Many people view the dark web as a place for illegal activities, but anyone in a cyber investigation or analysis role should be looking at…

Virtual machine vs. managed attribution: which is better?

Researchers have lots of options to manage their anonymity while performing online investigations, but not all solutions are created…

Give CTI its own seat at the table

Considering where cyberthreat intelligence teams should reside in the organizational structure can make a major difference in the…

Russia/Ukraine conflict: ZAPAD 2021’s insight into military operations

Russia’s joint military exercise ZAPAD in September 2021 seems a precursor to its invasion of Ukraine. We look at how the event prepared…

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Establishing an intelligence process for your CTI team

While many cyberthreat intelligence teams rely on the traditional “Intelligence Cycle” or F3EAD models as they are defined, creating a…

Conducting online investigations for cyberthreat intelligence

Get the basics on online investigations to build cyberthreat intelligence, including the role of OSINT, typical workflows and more.

Tools, tips and methodologies for cyberthreat intelligence gathering

Our experts offer their recommendations for tools and techniques for every stage of threat intelligence research process.

Mitigating risk in SOC investigations with managed attribution

Cloud-based web isolation neutralizes cyberthreats in employees’ everyday web activity — but how do SOCs secure their own online…

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