Shift critical workflows to a remote, high-trust environment you control

Proactively manage web risk and get back to business

As business workflows have increasingly become web-based, organizations have benefited from "anywhere, any device" access. This freedom also means locations, devices and networks are outside of IT control. The ubiquity of access has eroded the traditional concept of a defined perimeter. But by making the web a point of management control, organizations can maintain a security footing, control their data and enforce compliance. The Silo Web Isolation Platform transforms the web from a risk to a point of leverage — the new perimeter is a capability, not a location.

Eliminate the attack surface

Every click brings unknown code into your environment. With Silo, everything is isolated in the cloud, while users interact with a benign, secure display. No web code ever reaches your device. Devices need never handle your critical data.

Assert control over web activity

Work from home, bring your own device and software as a service mean IT no longer controls the compute environment, but they’re still responsible. Silo centralizes policy enforcement and oversight.

Ditch one-size-fits-all

Whether you're conducting online investigations or interacting with sensitive applications, Silo’s patented policy framework ensures that the environment is properly configured for the job at hand.

Risk-free web use regardless of the computer, network or cloud app

Comprehensive security, visibility and control

Silo provides a familiar web experience for users and immediate policy control and audit oversight for IT and risk management.

Airtight isolation between trusted and untrusted

All web code is contained in the Silo cloud, keeping malicious content out and critical data in. Silo’s full isolation also shields web apps from malicious attacks by eliminating the risk of an unmanaged client manipulating sensitive data.

User-centric policies even on unknown computers

Silo governs all web activity through admin-defined policies across managed and unmanaged devices, and by collecting audit logs that may be encrypted with customer-supplied keys.

Seamlessly deployed across a global cloud-based infrastructure

Silo deploys easily and is accessible from any computer, any network, any location without installing software. Cloud delivery eliminates requirements for up-front investment, integration or ongoing management.

Authentic8 has you covered

500 +

customers, including all levels of government and commercial enterprises from every industry across North America, Europe and Asia


security framework certifications, anchored by FedRAMP, NIST and ISO regulations

350 k+

secure sessions delivered each month without exploit, breach, data leak or identity exposure


web isolation U.S. patents granted: federated identity, user/group policies, attribution management, API integration and more

Learn why government agencies and commercial enterprises around the world rely on Silo by Authentic8

“Silo for Research and Silo for Safe Access are truly the cornerstones of our work!”

U.S. Military Unit

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“Silo is a great product, and we are happy to see that Authentic8 is continually developing it and adding new capabilities.”

CISO / Sr. Dir Information Security Risk

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“Silo is, by far, our favorite tool to use and we thank Authentic8 for their excellent service and support”

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Silo Web Isolation Platform

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