Secure web access without exposure

Use of the web has become core to every job function. But IT struggles to keep the organization safe and data assets secure while giving users access to online resources. The Silo Web Isolation Platform allows you to shift your exposure to the cloud, executing all web-based activity away from your devices and network. Silo is a fully isolated, secure environment that provides a comprehensive policy framework for regulating how the web is used. Silo lets you enable web access for users without compromising security or governance requirements.

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Completely eliminate risks of the web

Secure Access Challenges:


Every page view brings untrusted third-party code into your environmet and executes it on the endpoint. Rather than filtering or scanning it after the fact, Silo provides a native user experience while executing 100 percent of the web code on a secure, remote host.


As a cloud-native platform, Silo meets the needs of your business at any point in time, from one user to all users, from simple policies to the complex. No upfront investment is required to adopt Silo, and its flexible capacity allows users to be easily added or deleted. All administrative actions — from adjusting data policies of revocation to access — are conducted centrally and in real time. 


Today’s environment has more diverse points of risk than organizations can effectively manage. Trends like mobility and cloud applications put organizations under even greater pressure. Silo for Safe Access makes the web environment the single point of control. Networks become utility services, devices become simple displays and all the intelligence and enforcement shifts to the central Silo Web Isolation Platform.


Silo for Safe Access

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Silo for Safe Access provides a familiar browsing interface to end users while maintaining isolation, policy control and audit logs.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo enables secure and easy web browsing.”


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“Silo allows our users to transfer the risks associated with the web browsing off our network.” 

User in Military

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“At a time when flexibility and rapid response were critical, Silo was easy to deploy and use, and it ensured protection of U.S. Government information.”

Director of Technology Solutions

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“Our objective was to find a solution that would allow end-users to interact with websites in a familiar way while keeping malicious and un-inspectable traffic from infecting the network.”

Unit’s Communications Department Head

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“If you want to treat your network like a true weapons system, transfer the risk to an isolated browser, SILO."

User in Military

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“With Silo, we improved our whole way of working. In the world where you are always vulnerable and could easily become a victim of attacks, Silo gives us safe browsing and protects us from threats.”

Digital Marketing Director

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