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Configurability is what makes Silo for Safe Access so revolutionary.

The Browser Built for Business

Designed from scratch with security and control as the primary objectives.

The browser wasn’t built with the enterprise in mind. Silo was.

The Silo cloud browser embeds security, identity, and data policies into the browser.

And by making the browser available from anywhere, policies follow users regardless of the environment. Here's how it works:

Centrally managed

Users aren’t behind your perimeter anymore  and they don’t connect with IT-managed devices. Silo lives in the cloud where IT can enforce security and data policies regardless of user location or environment.

Policy enabled

Silo’s patented policy framework governs devices, data and websites across users and groups. Rather than the one size fits all tyranny of the traditional browser, Silo is configurable.  And rather than static, rigid rules, Silo policies follow users, enabling  access without increasing risk.

Fully auditable

Silo gives you comprehensive audit logs of all user activity in one place, encrypted with keys you control. No more collecting data across various security products or 3rd party websites. Silo instruments the browser for compliance and governance. 


User experience

Silo sessions are accessed as a seamless, clientless experience via the local browser, or through a native, installed application.

Directory sync

Silo policies are built on a hierarchical inheritance model, and can sync with your AD or LDAP instance. Adds, deletes and moves are mirrored between your infrastructure and Silo.

SAML federation

When you store information in Silo, proper authentication is required. Users can manage their own access, or IT can federate with SAML-compliant IAM platforms for seamless authentication and access.

Strong authentication

Silo allows validation of users and devices, including multi-factor authentication.

Accessing web content

Users can type URLs directly, click links in other applications and render them in Silo, or configure the gateway to redirect URLs to Silo.

Device access policies

Users may have multiple devices or may need to work from devices outside of IT control. Silo policies can reflect device ‘trust’ as determined by IT so authorized devices get one set of entitlements, while others do not.

IAM for SaaS apps

Silo includes a password manager that lets IT manage credentials to web apps.  When combined with Silo policies, IT gets total control over access and use of SaaS apps, and a single switch to revoke access. And users never enter credentials into phishing sites.

Web category policies

Good governance follows users. URL category policies and white/black lists can be applied at the group or global levels. IT can enforce employee policies on content without worrying about the risk of grey-zone websites.

Gateway integration

IT can forward some or all URLs to Silo for secure rendering. Silo integrates with popular SWG platforms and can seamlessly redirect or redirect with a compliance page, depending on platform.

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