Maximize Threat Intelligence to Maximize Your SOC screenshot

Forrester and Authentic8

Two cybersecurity veterans discuss best practices for mitigating risks while maximizing the value of your investments in threat intelligence.

Featuring guest speakers:

  • Forrester Sr Analyst Brian Kime, covering cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability risk management, and industrial control system security
  • Authentic Engagement Lead Matt Ashburn, former CIA Cyber Security Officer and National Security CISO at the White House

In this conversational webinar, Brian and Matt share real-life stories from their years in both private sector companies and government organizations.

Hear them discuss:

  • Why OpSec is important to the CISO and what companies can do to help their analysts collect intel without exposing their identities or compromising their missions
  • The risks involved in using corporate networks and devices for intel collection

Expert advice on the types of tools and frameworks that can give your SOC an advantage over adversaries.