Silo Research Toolbox

Conduct secure, misattributed, and anonymous research on the open and dark web.


Don't put your analysts and resources at risk.

You need a tool that never exposes you or your intent. OSINT, threat intel, law enforcement, financial fraud, cyber security and other researchers trust Silo Research Toolbox. Silo Research Toolbox is built on a remote, isolated browser offering teams managed attribution while conducting secure, geographically distributed data analysis across the clear, deep, and dark web.

Protect your team under adverse conditions and make critical web research more efficient.

Protects the mission

Safely access websites from IP addresses at locations you choose, worldwide. Collect data without exposure to exploits or revealing your real identity.

Manages attribution

Combining remote browser isolation with managed attribution is key to both OPSEC and optimal research results. Empower your team to conduct research on the public internet and the dark web.

Strengthens tradecraft

Research requires numerous tools and techniques at every layer of the solution. Silo Research Toolbox supports the end to end needs of the online researcher.

Silo Research Toolbox provides multiple layers of protection on the web and prevents exposure of open source intelligence gathering and dark web investigations.

Capture, annotate and store

Capture, annotate, store and share web research content without breaching your environment.

Browser fingerprint control

Managed attribution capabilities allow for fine-grained browser fingerprint control making adversaries see what you want.

Client-side translation tools

Removes language barriers for OSINT analysts and keeps language settings off the web.

Geographical coverage

Exit nodes operating across more than a dozen data centers around the world.

Centrally managed in the cloud, Silo Research Toolbox enables SOCs and (remote/mobile) research teams to maximize security, accelerate intelligence gathering and analysis, streamline network operations, and ensure full control and auditability of all research activity.

Features Table

Silo Research Toolbox integrates into existing IT infrastructure giving teams:

  • Management visibility into all online research

  • 89% cost savings compared to custom solutions

  • Eliminate IT support burden (exception approvals, remediation, SWG/NGFW, whitelist updates,...)

  • Faster Dissemination of open source intelligence/research (same workstation)

  • Collaboration across research teams

  • Non-repudiable records of all online activity

Trusted by the pros

Because of its versatility, analysts, investigators and security researchers across a wide variety of sectors and industries already deploy Silo Research Toolbox for extra security and flexibility in:

  • Fraud and anti-money laundering investigations in the banking and financial services industry 

  • Criminal and forensic investigations

  • Federal, state and local law enforcement 

  • Federal government agencies and departments

  • On-the-ground (cross-border) risk analysis in corporate security, risk management and consulting firms 

  • Red teams, threat hunting and IT security

  • Open source intelligence research

Why do researchers prefer Silo Research Toolbox?

Investigators and analysts agree: Secure open source research on the web requires anonymity, managed attribution capabilities, remote browser isolation - and speed. Ready to take control of your web research?


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