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The world is more distributed than ever, with remote workers, public networks, cloud-based applications and personal devices — all of which reduce IT teams’ ability to control their environment. Silo for Safe Access is an isolated workspace that allows IT to manage use of the web regardless of the access details or the role of the user.  


Silo gives you a single, secure point of leverage to control all web scenarios, regardless of computer, network or application. Silo combines access, authentication, isolation, policy and audit into a centralized browsing platform to enable Zero Trust or SASE access integrity.



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Experience the web without risk

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Role-based provisioning

Silo is built around a patented policy framework that enables specific capabilities in the browser environment unique to the user’s needs, and nothing more. By asserting control within the browser, Silo ends the one-size-fits-all tyranny of the traditional web environment and reduces the need to deploy disparate solutions to govern web use. 

Silo puts control of the web back in the hands of IT, regardless of the user location or computer. Define access permissions, web use and data policies specific to the user's role, and rest assured that the policies follow the user no matter where they're working from or how they connect. Silo can be tuned to meet the fluid needs of your organization.

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Centralized administration

Silo offers a single pane of glass for managing users, devices, access, authentication and data policies, regardless of the end user’s environment. Silo Administration occurs in real time, allowing you to manage entitlements and access rules or revoke permissions immediately, giving you full control over how the web is used.

Market research shows that the average enterprise has more than 70 security vendors. And 72 percent of IT heads struggle to find talent with sufficient technical capabilities. Deploying complicated and diverse IT solutions puts teams at risk. That's why Silo makes sense: no installation of hardware or software, no management of complicated integrations. Centralized, cloud-based administration and delegation of administrator roles ensure that you're not over-permissioning or creating privileged access beyond specific job requirements.

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Integrates with existing IT services

From directory services to identity management platforms, secure web gateways and SIEM solutions, Silo plays nicely with your current IT technology stack. Conversely, Silo can also act as a completely standalone environment, giving you the power to choose how Silo will work best for your organization.

Silo can provide a standalone user experience and execute completely outside of your organization's infrastructure. Or it can be woven into current IT solutions and the local browser for seamless remote access to corporate resources. Silo matches your organizational structure as defined in your on-premises directory service. If you're using an identity management platform, third-party SAML or other cross-authentication solutions, they can be used to authenticate users when they access Silo, and they can be used for single-click access to provisioned web applications. 

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Maintain visibility

Regardless of the device, network or app, Silo logs capture all activity and encrypt it with keys that you control. From user activity to administrator-controlled changes, all behavior is tracked centrally for post-factum analysis. Export from the admin console or integrate via APIs to seamlessly pass log data into your SIEM or other integrated analysis platforms. 

Silo lets you maintain oversight and ensure employee compliance even when their compute environment lives outside of IT control. As a centrally managed, cloud-based digital workspace for employees to access business applications, users get follow-me policies regardless of device. And IT has a single pane of glass for monitoring the environment, regardless of the details. 

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo functions like a vpn that hides you in a very effective way, plus that it will shield you from any malicious attacks you might have on the website.”


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“Silo is the best secure web browsing experience available today!”

Director, Cybersecurity and Compliance

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“The best way to describe Silo is – it’s a browser that allows you to navigate the web safely and effectively. An innovative product with great and useful features.”

Digital Marketing Director

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“We have tested several cloud browsers and haven't found anything better than Silo. When researching and testing potentially malicious URLs, it's very handy.”

Security Operations Director

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“All businesses have a great need to feel protected when navigating the web. We use Silo to maintain a high level of security, helping keep our browsing safe and data protected.”

Digital Marketing Manager

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“We are very happy with our purchase! The sales and implementation process has been great, and we've experienced no technical issues. I highly recommend Silo to others."

Authentic8 Customer

“Silo for Safe Access feels and behaves just like an ordinary browser."

Senior Security Engineer

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