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Secure Browser for OSINT Investigations

Manage your attribution, isolate yourself from malicious content and make your OSINT research easier with the Silo for Research browser.

Homegrown solutions no longer sufficient for OSINT collection

Using the local computer and network to collect open-source content puts OSINT teams and investigators at risk. In order to minimize that risk, organizations use a variety of tools such as client-side virtualization, segregated internet access, VPNs, stand alone storage and advanced malware-scanning solutions. These are costly to deploy, and the complicated IT management requirements create security and attribution gaps.  

“Ninety percent of intelligence comes from open sources.” - Lieutenant General Sam Wilson, USA (Ret.), former Director, Defense Intelligence Agency


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Isolate browsing, cloak identity, improve productivity

Professional-grade OSINT browser

Complete isolation from all web content through a cloud-based virtual browser that connects to an anonymous network across geographies. This network allows analysts to appear as in-region visitors; customize language, time zone, OS, browser type and more to help analysts blend in with the crowd and avoid arousing suspicion. 

  • 100% isolation of all web content off-device and off-network, isolating endpoints from malicious code, cookies and trackers
  • Non-attribution of the analyst, or spoofed attribution through geographically distributed Internet access nodes
  • Disposable browser sessions, purging all cookies, trackers or other web content designed to surveil users
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Collect evidence across multiple target properties and browsing sessions

Separate virtual windows support simultaneous collection actions across resources and networks, and multi-search workflows can be automated. Automate any collection in line with tradecraft, and share research materials with other investigators with cloud-based storage.

  • Page content flattening and capture with annotation and integrated, encrypted, cloud-based storage
  • Out-of-band language translation to convert to the local language without disclosing analyst intent
  • Analysis of web source content and IP packet transactions for deeper investigation into counter-party resource
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Obfuscate research activity with complete anonymity and localization tools

Tipping off the target of an investigation can ruin months of painstaking work. Silo manages attribution through customization of browser and platform parameters, including language, time zone, keyboard settings and user agent string. Analysts blend into the local environment through a network of globally distributed egress locations.

  • Exit to the internet in the target region — even the dark web — without revealing the analyst’s IP
  • Configure platform parameters specific to the environment
  • Translate foreign content after the fact, minimizing your footprint on the destination site
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Enforce analyst usage and compliance requirements while conducting research

Analysts need to access web resources that fall outside of standard corporate policies — including on the dark web. Silo for Research logs all analyst activity in encrypted audit logs. Compliance teams can review analyst activity and remediate issues. Customer-managed encryption keys maintain a proper chain of control for non-repudiation of activity logs.

  • Centralized, comprehensive real-time logs of all user and admin web activity
  • Log data encrypted with customer-managed keys, with authenticated API-based extract
  • Download content timestamp and hash values logged to defend the authenticity of collections
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Experience Silo

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