From a love of Tom Clancy novels to military intelligence to “the ivory tower” of industry analysts, Rick Holland’s road to Digital Shadow’s CISO taught him many lessons along the way. Rick shares his advice for building an intel team, including: avoid homogenous groups; take time to strategize — and follow — processes for OSINT collection on the surface, deep and dark (or derp) web; and remember the importance of human relationships even in the tech-heavy world of threat intelligence.

Key takeaways

  • You don’t need to come from the intel community to work in intelligence (looking at you, Russian lit majors and journalists)
  • For the technically inclined, learn Python
  • Build human relationships in the field — go to the all the hallway-cons you can

About Rick

Rick is a seasoned cybersecurity executive with a unique background as a practitioner, cybersecurity executive and Forrester Research analyst. Rick manages the global team responsible for Digital Shadows' information security and technology needs. Rick also runs Photon Research, the cyberthreat intelligence experts at Digital Shadows. He regularly speaks at leading security conferences, including SANS, RSAC and BSides. The media frequently quote Rick, including BBC News, Fox News, CNN, Dark Reading, Motherboard, NPR, The Register and The Wall Street Journal.

Where to find Rick

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