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Stay isolated from malware and anonymous to prying eyes on surface, deep and dark websites with Authentic8's Silo for Research

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Conducting Online Investigations

Silo for Research enables anonymous, secure online investigations across the surface, deep and dark web.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Silo for Safe Access protects IT infrastructure, critical data and users from risks introduced when accessing the web.

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Silo Web Isolation Platform

Silo separates the things you care about like apps, data and devices from the things you can’t trust like external websites, users and unmanaged devices. It enables full use of the web without risk of exploit, data leak or resource misuse.
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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Silo can be used from anywhere and from any device, guaranteeing the same security and confidence.”

IT Analyst


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“Silo is an innovative window to the new cyber era, securing and controlling access to online accounts in a simple way.”

Software Engineer

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“Our analysts found Silo to be invaluable and one of the most-used tools in our arsenal.”

Military Customer

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“Silo is an innovative, nimble solution to help keep you safe.”

Digital Marketing Manager

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“Authentic8 Silo isolates you, creating a protective bubble that does not allow information that has not been authorized to enter or leave.”

Information System Manager

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“I can quickly evaluate possible risks without damaging my machine or network.”

Private Wealth Management Bank

Authentic8 Customer

“Bad guys can’t figure out who I am by my IP address. Managed attribution helps take down threats proactively.”

Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst

Authentic8 Success Story

"We use Silo to maintain a high level of security, helping keep our browsing safe and our data protected.”

Digital Marketing Manager

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“Knowing I won't be compromised and can even touch malware in Silo without fear is pretty satisfying.”


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White Paper
White Paper

Why online investigators need managed attribution

Without the ability to control details of your digital fingerprint, investigative targets could uncover your identity and intent — and spoil your investigation or put you at personal risk.


Take a self-guided tour of Silo for Research

Learn how Authentic8's unique approach meets the needs of online investigations for financial fraud, AML, threat intelligence, OSINT and other fields


The online investigators’ definitive guide to the dark web

Everything you need to know about the dark web and how to conduct secure, anonymous and efficient research