Using Silo as a Remote Browser

A remote browser like Silo uses web isolation to keep web-borne threats like malware and ransomware off a user's device.

According to Gartner, more than 90% of external attacks on enterprises occur over the public internet. "Free" local browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox allow web code to execute on a user's local machine, leaving them vulnerable to cyber risks. Using a remote browser creates a virtual environment to reduce the risk of a cyber attack while web browsing.

Silo uses browser isolation technology and runs in a virtual machine on Authentic8's servers. During web browsing activity with Silo, users interact only with a display of the remote browsing session, so no code from the web is processed on their end device.


Less time spent responding to security incidents.


Less time spent on log analysis and reporting.


Less time spent managing exception requests.


Or greater reduction in bandwidth consumption.

Once Silo Cloud Browser is deployed as a remote browser, customers experience:

Silo: Remote Browser Isolation

Discover how easy it is to use Silo Cloud Browser as your remote browser and reduce your risks today.

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