The dangers of web browsing

The web is essential to the workplace and it can make employees more productive. However, employees also spend a lot of unproductive time on the web

  • Users spend nearly 2.5 hours using the web daily for non-work-related activities

  • 30% of organizations have suffered data loss directly as a result of employees browsing the web and/or accessing their personal email.

  • 60% of organizations have been infected with ransomware, malware, or some other threat as a direct result of employees browsing valid, corporate-policy approved websites.

Organizations can mitigate virtually all of these risks by implementing web isolation technology –a technology that permits users to employ the web as they would normally, but that creates physical isolation between web browsing activities and the computers or devices on which the web is accessed.

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See why businesses are turning to web isolation technology as a cost-effective way to mitigate these risks without hindering employee productivity.