Tradecraft training for Silo for research customers

Available to Silo for Research customers, OSINT Academy provides analysts with instruction and best practices on how to incorporate advanced techniques and tools into their workflows to improve efficiency while maintaining security in their research and intelligence collection cycle.

OSINT Academy tradecraft training courses provide analysts with a depth of knowledge that will prepare them for the challenging open-source intelligence environment they face. Analysts will reduce reliance on third-party tools and focus on creating repeatable success.

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Computer-based Training, live and recorded courseware

Courses are offered as self-paced, on-demand online training activities. The content develops an analyst’s skill sets from beginner to advanced, starting with fundamental concepts and progressing to highly advanced data mining techniques and tradecraft. 

The courseware includes videos, presentations, downloadable materials and interactive quizzes. Materials are kept current with frequent updates to techniques and new topical modules. Custom, in-person training sessions are also available.

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Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary curriculum

Training materials are grouped into modules relevant to anyone conducting online research, including:

• OSINT Fundamentals
• Information Searching Fundamentals
• Person of Interest Collection
• Corporate Profiling
• Area of Interest Monitoring
• Region Assessments
• Event Monitoring
• Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
• Dark Web
• Cryptocurrency
• Advanced OSINT Techniques

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Monitor progression

From training session completion to quiz performance, periodic reports on student progression through their OSINT Academy Tradecraft Training coursework are available to training leads and managers.

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