Authentic8 has announced the immediate availability of OSINT Academy, a remote training platform and online community for research analysts.

Training options available for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysts vary wildly. At best, they empower practitioners to deliver actionable and detailed finished intelligence products; at worst, the results will be uninformative and have no impact.

Authentic8 has now launched a training program for Open Source Intelligence professionals that prepares them for the challenging OSINT environment they face today and empower them to deliver quality results.

Available exclusively to Authentic8 customers, OSINT Academy offers an integrated suite of resources and tools to augment their training securely from home and other remote work environments.

A recent study by Cybersecurity insiders identified that 85% of professionals conducting OSINT research have received little or no training in OSINT techniques and risk prevention from their current employer. 77% are not receiving recurring OSINT training or certification, and more than one-third - 34% - don’t have any prior experience with OSINT-related research.

To help organizations address such critical training deficits, we designed a computer-based-training (CBT) platform and curriculum to provide more than 40 targeted training modules. It contains video, presentation, study-guide, and interactive quiz materials designed to develop and test the skill sets of OSINT research analysts.

This instructional content was developed in partnership with training specialist OSINT Combine, taking tactically honed learnings and applying them to the intelligence collection cycle.


With this computer-based training platform, analysts will develop their skills from “Beginner” to “Advanced” level, learn core fundamental concepts and, throughout the curriculum, acquire advanced data mining techniques and well-informed tradecraft.

Upon successful completion of the OSINT Academy T2 curriculum, students receive a Certificate of OSINT Competency from Authentic8, certifying the number of hours in the platform and content covered. Administrators can track and ensure students’ progress through reports and competency.

Competent, creative, and well-trained Open Source Intelligence professionals are in high demand - with analysts serving missions across the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, law enforcement, and in the private sector, where they defend organizations’ intellectual property, personnel, networks, and facilities.

Authentic8’s OSINT Academy prepares students to meet those needs, through learning the tools, techniques, and procedures to create a repeatable and successful intelligence production process. Find out more here:

OSINT Academy

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