Authentic8 Silo

Enterprises and government agencies use Silo products to strengthen and simplify their security architectures, giving users secure web access, control sensitive data, apps, and workflows, and conduct critical web research.

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Silo: The Secure Virtual Browser

Discover how easy it is to use Authentic8's Silo for Safe Access as your virtual browser and reduce your risks today.


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More than Web Isolation

The Silo Web Isolation Platform delivers a remote browser session that prevents web code from reaching the environment or end device.

  • Insulate and isolate all web data and code execution from user endpoints

  • Embed security, identity, and data policies directly into the browser

  • Give IT complete control over how the web is used

  • Conduct sensitive online research securely and anonymously

  • Provide power and proactive security while giving users full access to the web